Biomedical Stream
Professor Merit Cudkowicz

Professor Merit Cudkowicz

Harvard University , USA

Merit Cudkowicz’s research and clinical activities are dedicated to the study and treatment of patients with neurodegenerative disorders, in particular amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Huntington’s disease (HD). Her clinical research team conducts experimental therapeutic trials of novel agents and biomarker studies in people with ALS and HD. She is the Julianne Dorn Professor of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital, at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Cudkowicz directs the Massachusetts General Hospital ALS Program and the Neurological Clinical Research Institute (NCRI). She is one of the founders and co-directors of the Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS), a group of 109 clinical sites in the United States and Canada dedicated to performing collaborative academic led clinical trials in ALS. In conjunction with the NEALS consortium, she has planned and completed many multi-center clinical trials in ALS.She recently became the Principal Investigator of theClinical Coordination Center for the  NINDS supported phase II clinical trial network (NeuroNEXT). In this role she helped establish a central IRB and master contract program that dramtically improved trial start up times and efficiency and mentors neurologists in how to design and lead clincial trials.

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